Free Walking Tour along the river Bièvre

Here is the first free walking tour of Walking in Paris : it will lead you along the river Bièvre, a little river flowing underneath Paris for almost one century now. After centuries of loyal services to dyers, tanners and other handcrafters, it was covered in 1912.

Download the free tour:

pdf icon Walking Tour along the Bièvre – PDF, 2.25 Mo (long version : map, historical explanations, directions to follow, pictures)

pdf icon Walking Tour along the Bièvre – PDF, 1.90 Mo (short version : map, directions, less pictures)

map icon Interactive Map on Google Maps

Discover the history of parts of the south of Paris: the river designed the geography of the 13th and 5th arrondissement. You will also discover a collective of street artists, some alsatian houses, a chocolate church and many other exciting sightseeings!

The tour takes about 2 hours of easy walking and covers 5,8 km. Along the walk, you will follow a map I prepared to lead you easily through Paris.

Tell us about your experience!

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